Teaching at Athena

What Our Teachers Say

Our teachers are experienced, interested and

  • Tom

    I like seeing someone light up when something suddenly seems obvious to them. I see myself in students when they realize something and get excited, because I feel the same way when I learn something new. I like helping things make sense to people.

    ~ (Teacher, Ningbo)

  • Essma

    I worked in training centers before, but I wanted something more challenging. Athena had more of an academic focus and wasn’t just focused on oral English and I felt that it would be able to help kids in a different way. It also gave me a chance to learn something new.

    ~ (Teacher, Shenzhen)

  • Matt

    I loved how Athena was really organized. I feel I’m not just teaching English, but also teaching creative thinking, learning and strategy and thinking outside the box. I really like teaching kids to present and be leaders in the classroom.

    ~ (Senior Teacher, Shenzhen)

Professional Development

At Athena we want to help our teachers grow and develop themselves so that they can grow into skilled members of our management team.

We offer opportunities for career development with our career track, and to those who are willing to commit more long term to Athena and increase their knowledge or skills through further study, we can offer the opportunity to take part in our Teacher Loyalty Fund, a program that provides financial support for tuition costs.

We provide development opportunities to our teachers that allow them to learn new skills, develop their career and fulfil their potential. We have various opportunities for growth. To find out more about our opportunities, contact us. athena.hr@athenaca.com